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Native Americans

Object Type: Record
In Collection: Narragansett Indian Records Collection


1746 May 7, Narragansett Indians. Indian Sachems and Trustees to Render an Account.pdf

1747 June 9, Petition of Sarah Ningret vs. Indian trustees.pdf

1747 June, Petition of Indian Trustees vs. Thomas Ningret.pdf

1747 June, Petition of Sarah Ninegret vs. Indian Trustees.pdf

1757 June, Petition of Thomas Ninigret.pdf

1759 Aug., Petition of Thomas Ninigret to sell land.pdf

1763 Aug., Copy of offer made by sachen (incomplete) .pdf

1763 Aug., List of Indians who accepted offer of the Sachem.pdf

1763 Aug., Petition of Thomas Ninigret against June 1763 petition.pdf

1763 June, Petition of Indians against sale of land by Thomas Ninigret.pdf

1764 June, Report of Committee on Indian Affairs.pdf

1768 Sept., Deed of Thomas Ninigret to Indian Tribe with plat.pdf

1769 Oct., Petition with agreement of part of Indian tribe against sale of land.pdf

1769 Sept., Petition of Committee of Indians Appointed to sell land of Sachem.pdf

1769, Petition of Thos. Ninigret for Appointment of Cmtee. to Sell Lands.pdf

1769, Record of Meeting of Indian Tribe.pdf

1770 Feb., Petition of Esther Sachem for sale of land.pdf

1770 Report of Stephen Hopkins and Joseph Hazard on Disputes of Indian Tribe with Act.pdf

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