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Public Laws, Acts & Resolutions Passed

Object Type: Collection
In Collection: General Assembly


1784 Feb Clause repeal June74.tif

1887 Ch615WomanSuffrageQuestToVoters.tif

1887 Ch615WomanSuffrageQuestToVotersP2.tif

1906 PL 1370


1971 Resolution 89.pdf

1972-PL-111 dorse.pdf

1972-PL-111 title.pdf

1989 PL 341

Acts & Resolves 1786-1787 Vol 25

An Act for Allowing a Lottery of Fifteen Thousand Pounds for building a Bridge over Webster River in Providence, November 29, 1744


CH 1507 Pres suffrage 1917 C210.pdf

Code Acts Orders 1647_1998-57.tif

Code p25.tif

Code Title pg 1647_1998-59.tif

Income tax 1971 PL 008

Marriage Equality Law 2013

Pub_Rds Vol 5 p397.tif

Pub_Rds Vol5 spine.tif

Resolution for the better arrangement and preservation of the Public Archives, March 19, 1857

Public Law 1881 chapter 846.pdf

Rhode Island Medical Society

Stamp Act

Women Vote PL 1867_1920 C210.pdf

Women Vote PL 1867_1920 C210.tif

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