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State House Commission

Object Type: Collection
In Collection: State House


Annual report cover Jan 1897.tif

Cornerstone Rowland Hazard deliv oration 1896.tif

house of reps 1896 2.tif

Laying Cornerstone 1896.tif

Old State House 105 5 cl.tif

Old State House providence f137b.tif

RI State House c 1898.tif

State House & RR c. 1898 300.tif

State House 2 3 1950 c1851.tif

State House aerial view 1921 f137b.tif

State house and RR c 1897 200.tif

state house in progress 1898.tif

State House proposed additional buildings drawing, October 27, 1921, C#00365

State Library c. 1930 300.tif

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