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Blackstone River Valley negatives

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American Wringer Machine Shop 1945

Bar and bar keeps 1905

Barkeep 1905

Bay State Fur 1941

Beaupre's pharmacy nd

Boarding house & boarders c1905

Candy Mart 1941

Carousel Hoag Lake c1905

Coachman 1905

Cobble Rock Woonsocket 1905_1

Cobble Rock Woonsocket 1905_2

Cobble Rock Woonsocket 1905_3

Cogswell Clock Tower c1904

Couples in tents c1905

Dam w visitors c1905

Dauray & Bardsley 1944_1

Dauray & Bardsley 1944_2

Dauray & Bardsley Elect Engineers 1944

Eisenberg & Tickton 1941

Event c1905

Family on front porch 1905

Farm house angle c1905

Farm house c1905

Farm house field 1905_1

Farm house rear 1905_1

Farm house rear 1905_2

Farm house rear 1905_3

Feeding chickens c1905

George Miller ice wagon c1905

Goldfine's 1941_1

Goldfine's 1941_2

Grant's 1942_1

Grant's 1942_2

Horseshoe Fall (Harris Pond) nd

House Furnishings wagon c1905

House with couple c1905

Kay's 1941

Kornstein's 1942_1

Kornstein's 1942_2

Kresge's 1941_1

Kresge's 1941_2

Kresge's 1942

Lawton Spinning Co build and dog c1905

Lawton Spinning Co mill c1905

Lenrner's 1941_1

Lenrner's 1941_2

Lenrner's 1941_3

Lenrner's 1941_4

Lenrner's 1941_5

Man and Horse Farmhouse nd

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