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Public Laws (Public Acts), 1647-2001

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Repeal of clause allowing slaves to be brought into the state, February 26, 1784

9/4/20, 3:19 PM

Joint Resolution of Congress Upon Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution; Transmittal Letter of William H. Seward, Department of State, Feb.2, 1865 & accompanying Rhode Island Joint resolution to adopt, February 2, 1864

2/2/22, 5:30 PM

Sheriff to take custody of negro woman and children, August 1779

9/4/20, 3:22 PM

Slave owner right of appeal of court judgment concerning Negro and Indian slaves found purloining, December 1737

9/4/20, 3:23 PM

Slaves who enlist in the Continental Battalion, February 1778

9/4/20, 3:24 PM

Test Act Subscribers, June 16, 1776

4/11/22, 6:43 PM

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