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Andiamo! Italians Make Their Mark in Rhode Island, June 20-September 2019


Italian immigrants established vital businesses throughout Rhode Island. For example, Italians were integral to Westerly’s granite industry, Barrington’s brick factories, and other industry throughout the state. Community was formed not only around culture, but around the hard work they dedicated themselves to every day.

6/21/19, 12:48 PM

Coming to Rhode Island

6/21/19, 12:41 PM

Culture and Celebrations

6/21/19, 12:47 PM

Honorable Service

6/21/19, 12:47 PM

Articles of Incorporation for various organizations founded by and for Italians in Rhode Island for the period 1898-1920.

6/20/19, 6:56 PM

Making their Voices Heard

6/21/19, 12:44 PM

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