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Published Public Laws, Acts & Resolves, General Statutes, 1647-2015


Act allowing slaves to enlist in the Continental Battalion, February 1778

2/25/20, 4:24 PM

Act creating the town of Barrington, June 16, 1770

4/17/20, 2:32 PM

Act creating the town of Hopkinton, March 19, 1757

4/20/20, 1:53 PM

Act creating the town of Kingstown, 1764

4/20/20, 1:21 PM

Act dividing Providence and incorporating the Town of Cranston, June 1754

4/20/20, 2:15 PM

Act dividing the town of Newport into two towns (creating the Town of Middletown), June 1743

4/20/20, 1:31 PM

Act establishing the Town of Westerly, May 1669

4/20/20, 12:52 PM

Act establishing the towns of Smithfield, Scituate, and Glocester, 1730

4/20/20, 1:00 PM

Act for the incorporation of Jamestown, 1678

4/20/20, 1:50 PM

Act incorporating the Society for abolishing Slavery, June 1790

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Act incorporating the Town of Richmond, 1747

4/20/20, 1:03 PM

Act ordering printing of the Bill of Rights, 1789

5/13/19, 1:49 PM

Act repealing Part of the Act respecting the Manumission of Slaves, October 1785

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Act that T. Johnson be delivered to his master, October 1803

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Act to incorporate the town of Exeter, March 10, 1742

4/20/20, 2:07 PM

Act to incorporate the Town of Woonsocket, 1867

4/20/20, 12:31 PM

Act to prevent trespasses upon the lands belonging to the Narragansett Tribe, October 1812

3/7/17, 3:43 PM

Act to provide for the Instruction of Children in Manufacturing Establishments, 1840

5/10/19, 3:09 PM

Acts related to the Manumission of Slaves, June 1767

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Rhode Island passed the earliest law prohibiting “perpetual servitude” in 1652. The law was largely ignored, leading to the passage of additional laws in the 18th century. This law states that people born after March 1784 will not be “servants for life or slaves.”

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act Authorizing the Weekapaug Fire District to Purchase Property, July 1950

12/7/21, 3:03 PM

An Act creating the Town of North Providence, 1765

4/20/20, 1:15 PM

An Act dividing the Town of Warwick into two towns (Creating West Warwick), 1913

4/17/20, 2:19 PM

An Act for Disposing of Money raised in this Colony for Importing Negro Slaves, June 1729

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act for incorporating the Town of Coventry, August 1741

4/28/20, 4:34 PM

An Act for laying a Duty on Negro Slaves that shall be Imported into this Colony, February 1711

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act for the more speedy tryal of such Negro and Indians as shall be found Purloining and Stealing, September 9, 1718

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act in amendment of the "An Act relative to Slaves, and their Manumission and Support", March 5, 1804

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act relating to the freeing of Molatto and Negro Slaves, February 1728

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act to incorporate Johnston, 1759

4/20/20, 1:43 PM

An Act to incorporate the five towns of Bristol, Tiverton, Little Compton, Warren and Cumberland, 1746

4/17/20, 3:28 PM

An Act to prevent Persons keeping House within this Colony, from entertaining Indian, Negro, or Mulatto Servants or Slaves, 1750

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Passed just one month after the Constitutional Convention, this law reaffirmed many Rhode Islanders’ objections to the practice of buying and selling enslaved Africans. The fact that the newly proposed Constitution did not prohibit slavery meant that many who were anti-slavery were also Anti-Federalist.

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

An Act to Provide for Emergency Changes in the Quorum and Vote Requirements in the General Assembly in Event of Enemy Attack, January 1965

7/14/20, 2:17 PM

Cover of publication printed by the "Widow Franklin", 1744

1/22/19, 5:42 PM

General Treasurer to immediately discharge Notes to the Owners of Slaves who have enlisted, October 1778

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

In God We Hope: No Inquisition Court seal, 1776

5/14/19, 1:24 PM

Masters of enlisted apprenticed slaves to receive the interest, and the Owners the Principal, March 1778

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

No slave to be allowed to enlist in the Continental Battalion until next June 10th, May 1778

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Ordered that Attorney General gather in money due colony for importation of negroes, June 1723

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Origin of the Attorney General, May 1650

9/3/20, 2:41 PM

Petition respecting (abolition of) Slave Trade referred unto next Session, June 1787

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Prohibition against interracial marriage, 1822

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Prohibition against interracial marriage, January 1798

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Repeal of the law prohibiting interracial marriage, March 1881

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Resolved to consider the Petition of the Friends (Quakers) to abolish slavery, December 1783

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

Sheriff of King's County to take possession of slaves purchased by J. Rice, August 1779

3/16/18, 4:45 PM

State Emergency Defense amendment (S-548), January 1965

7/14/20, 2:17 PM

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